Irvington Springfield Avenue Business Improvement District (ISABID) and Camptown Business Improvement District (CBID)

OBJECTIVE A: Remove graffiti via power washing on a maximum of 1000 square feet (SF) on buildings in each BID (2000 SF in total)
OBJECTIVE B: Cover graffiti via painting on a maximum of 1000 SF on buildings in each district (2000 SF in total)
OBJECTIVE C: Apply a clear graffiti-resistant coating on a maximum of 2000 SF of cleaned surfaces from Objectives A & B, preferabtal)

1) Review ISABID/CBID photos of numerous graffiti sites and select sites for power washing (Objective A) and painting (Objective B) in each BID. The photos are in three CBID Photo Albums and two ISABID Photo Albums linked to the Home Page. The three CBID albums are categorized as "Paint", "Powerwash" and "Both". The ISABID albums are categorized as "Paint" and "Powerwash". After opening the link, view the photos by selecting "View Slideshow" in each album. Note that current sites will expand as contract progresses until total of 4000 square feet of graffiti is removed or covered, and 2000 SF is treated with an anti-graffiti coating.
2) As ISABID/CBID secure property owner’s permission to remove graffiti, deploy crews to perform removal services with one week’s advance notice so Irvington Police Officer can be stationed on-site during work and electric and water sources (if needed) from property owner can be confirmed.
3) Provide all necessary power washing equipment and/or paint supplies to professionally perform tasks.
4) If cleaned surface is to be treated with clear anti-graffiti coating, apply same within 24 hours of completion of cleaning.
5) Clean up all waste from site after service is completed.
6) Be flexible in scheduling to allow for substitution of dates in case of inclement weather, as well as follow an overall projection that enables completion of entire 4000 SF of graffiti removal and 2000 SF of anti-graffiti coating within four (4)-month timeline in 2021, beginning in July, 2021.

1) Contractor must provide
a. general liability insurance in the minimum amount of $1 million and is responsible for all employer/employee and/or independent contractor expenses of contractor’s crew. ISABID and CBID are to be named as additional insureds on insurance certificate.
b. workers compensation insurance on its employees/independent contractors
c. current New Jersey Business Registration Certificate
d. IRS W-9 form
2) Contractor profile:
a. Vendor contact information including company name, address, phone number, fax number, federal tax ID number, email address, and project manager contact information including email address. (see page 3)
b. How many years in business
c. Current on-going jobs
d. Completion of any similar jobs with reference to contact
e. Does contractor require the following (Yes/No): WATER SOURCE __________ ELECTRIC SOURCE __________
f. How many persons will be assigned on-site to this project: ________________
g. Answer to question: “Has the organization, partners, or officer been party to any lawsuits or legal action, whether of civil or criminal nature, arising out of or involving contracts or performance thereof?”
o If so, provide details

Any bidder that wishes to examine the graffiti sites in person should call Caitlin Sumner of the ISABID/CBID staff at (973) 673-0205 to arrange a tour. Bidders can also call with any questions about this RFP.

1) The award of the contract is dependent upon approval of CBID/ISABID Boards of Directors
2) Time of completion:
i. Once the contractor receives a notice to proceed, they should schedule to start the job no later than seven (7) days afterwards.
ii. Failure of the contractor to start and complete the project in a timely manner can be subjected to penalties up to 10% of the particular property site cost if the work remains uncompleted past the completion date. Days of inclement weather will mitigate against any penalties imposed.
3) Irvington Police Presence: The ISABID/CBID will be responsible for arranging police presence during the actual graffiti removal work by the contractor’s crew.
4) American made products: The successful bidder will ensure that they acted on good nature that any manufactured goods by produced in the United States”

a. Contractor will submit invoice for each property assignment in advance of work to ISABID/CBID, which will pay contractor 25% in advance of each assignment and 75% within 30 days upon completion of assignment evidenced by contractor’s submission of “after” photos of graffiti removal via email or mail to ISABID or CBID and satisfaction certification from property owner or designee obtained by ISABID/CBID.
b. Prior to releasing the payment, the contractor should also sign a release form that CBID is not responsible for any unpaid material, wages, etc.
c. Change orders/price adjustments are expected to be kept to a minimum for each graffiti site, and must be requested to the CBID/ISABID staff prior to completion of each job site for consideration by the respective Boards of Directors.


1) Cost to complete Objective A (2000 SF via power-washing):
$______SF x 2000 SF = $ _________

2) Cost to complete Objective B (2000 SF via painting):
$_______SF x 2000 SF = $ _________

3) Cost to complete Objective C: 2000 total SF of anti-graffiti coating on

a. Power-washed surfaces: $_____SF x 1000 SF = $ _________

b. Painted surfaces: $_____SF x 1000 SF = $ _________

TOTAL FEE: $ ___________________________

NOTE: Contractors may bid on both Objective A and B or either Objective. Proposed fee should anticipate that contractor may not win the bid for both Objectives. In that scenario, the contractor will then be awarded only 50% (i.e., 1000 SF) of Objective C.

Project Manager’s Name _______________________________________________

Title ______________________________

Business Name _______________________________________________

License # _______________________________

Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN) ____________________

Address ____________________________________________________


Phone ______________________________________

Email ________________________________________________

Proposal must be received no later than Friday, July 16, 2021, at:
P.O. Box 323
Irvington, NJ 07111-0323

Or via email to:
Or by fax to: (862) 367-8316